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Blog Kick-Off!!

And so… a blog has entered the already overcrowded blogosphere (located in the core of Web 2.0; above). Why? Why? Why take up any more server space? Well, I don’t want to take up server space, but I find myself, in this digital era, commenting and posting on more and more message boards and forums than ever! I might as well post my thoughts and some of my answers here.

Eventually, in a million years, this piece of text may become more read than some major reading, tech, and news sources out there (CNN, Digg, Reddit).

But what will this blog be about? Well, in hmm… 4 words, here it is, Technology, Life, Randomness, Sports, and Humor. Oh… sorry, 6 words.

I probably will be posting the news and stuff I want to see, or what the viewers want to see.

This is your common zen blog. Mind. Body. Spirit. Put together into one. Welcome to reality.