Colts Claim XLI


This just in. The Indianapolis Colts have won Super Bowl XLI. A team built for indoor stadiums came out to win one of the wettest Super Bowls in history.

The first play of the game – the kick – ended up in a touchdown, and the Bears had the chance to come back in the 3rd quarter (17-22). It was the Turnover XLI. Also, Rex Grossman fumbled 2 times, Gabe Reid, 1, and Cedric Benson fumbled once, and Rex Grossman got intercepted twice and once for a TD.  On the D side of the field, it looks like Urlacher and his crew were “lacking” the power to overcome Peyton Manning and the Colts. Vinateri was 2-2 except for a botched kick that didn’t count against him. Hunter Smith let go of the ball, under wet conditions.  He made 3 kicks (2nd and 3rd quarter). Tony Dungy was celebrating hard. He and Lovie Smith were the first African-Americans to go to a Super Bowl, and Tony Dungy was the first one to win a Super Bowl. And so, the Indianapolis Colts are the XLI winners.

Overall, both teams played well. The score was 29-17. The game unofficially ended when Bob Sanders intercepted a pass from Rex Grossman to “lock the game in”.

Looking forward to next year. (XLII)


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