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What Would Happen if Microsoft Joined Apple?

Well, I, for one, don’t think that would ever happen, considering all the intensity between Apple and MS.
And, it would almost be peace between gamers, geeks, nerds, and other random people. Mac gamers combining with MS employees in the ultimate chat facility, AKA, iChat.

So, what would happen if MS joined Apple?
Well, the rest of the world (you and me) could possibly crush under all this complication!
All this technology! Some would fall behind, and be left with almost no technology. That is, except rocks.

The world will go from this

to this

So, we (the civilians) would crush under their over-ruling, techy, power. Oh… the humanity.

Thanks iChigo and WindowsVistaWeblog for the pictures. Also, Leopard is scheduled to come out Q3 2007.


Colts Claim XLI


This just in. The Indianapolis Colts have won Super Bowl XLI. A team built for indoor stadiums came out to win one of the wettest Super Bowls in history.

The first play of the game – the kick – ended up in a touchdown, and the Bears had the chance to come back in the 3rd quarter (17-22). It was the Turnover XLI. Also, Rex Grossman fumbled 2 times, Gabe Reid, 1, and Cedric Benson fumbled once, and Rex Grossman got intercepted twice and once for a TD.  On the D side of the field, it looks like Urlacher and his crew were “lacking” the power to overcome Peyton Manning and the Colts. Vinateri was 2-2 except for a botched kick that didn’t count against him. Hunter Smith let go of the ball, under wet conditions.  He made 3 kicks (2nd and 3rd quarter). Tony Dungy was celebrating hard. He and Lovie Smith were the first African-Americans to go to a Super Bowl, and Tony Dungy was the first one to win a Super Bowl. And so, the Indianapolis Colts are the XLI winners.

Overall, both teams played well. The score was 29-17. The game unofficially ended when Bob Sanders intercepted a pass from Rex Grossman to “lock the game in”.

Looking forward to next year. (XLII)

Blog Kick-Off!!

And so… a blog has entered the already overcrowded blogosphere (located in the core of Web 2.0; above). Why? Why? Why take up any more server space? Well, I don’t want to take up server space, but I find myself, in this digital era, commenting and posting on more and more message boards and forums than ever! I might as well post my thoughts and some of my answers here.

Eventually, in a million years, this piece of text may become more read than some major reading, tech, and news sources out there (CNN, Digg, Reddit).

But what will this blog be about? Well, in hmm… 4 words, here it is, Technology, Life, Randomness, Sports, and Humor. Oh… sorry, 6 words.

I probably will be posting the news and stuff I want to see, or what the viewers want to see.

This is your common zen blog. Mind. Body. Spirit. Put together into one. Welcome to reality.